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Optimum Voice helps you keep in touch with friends and loved ones across town, across the country or across the globe.

Calling Features

Enjoy over 20 of the most popular calling features, like Call Forwarding, Back Up Phone and VIP Ringing, at no additional charge.

You can manage your calling features at optimum.net/phone or by using your handset and the access (*) codes below.

Feature Active Deactivate
Caller ID Blocking
Block your name and number each time you make a call.
*67 Automatically
deactivated after call
Busy Redial
Redial a busy number and get a call when the line is free.
*66 -
Call Forwarding
Directs your incoming calls to a forwarding number so you never miss an important call.
*72 *73
Block Unwanted Callers
Block up to 32 phone numbers from which you do not want to accept calls.
*77 *87

Did you Know?

If you have Optimum TV and Optimum Voice, you also have caller ID right on your TV screen. With it you?ll see the name and phone number for all incoming calls to your home phone. To turn this feature on/off, on your TV go to Settings -> TV -> Preferences.


In order to start receiving messages you must first set up your voicemail. To do this, dial *86 from your home phone and follow the tutorial. After you've set up your voicemail, it's easy to get your messages on your home phone or from anywhere with a computer, laptop, or mobile device.

  • From home: dial your phone number
  • Away from home: dial your phone number and press (*) when your greeting begins
  • Online: go to optimum.net/phone and sign in with your Optimum ID and password

To turn voicemail on/off, set up voicemail notification by email or text message, change your voicemail password and more, click here.

International Calling


Stay connected to family and friends around the world.

Call over 65 destinations for as low as 2 cents per minute from any phone, including your mobile phone or work phone when remote dialing is set up.

You don't need to sign up for a plan, simply dial the international phone number and any charges will be added to your bill.

To view your international call history, manage settings, set up remote dialing or view rates and destinations click here and log in with your Optimum ID and password.