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Watch some of your favorite shows and networks, like HBO, Cartoon Network & CNN, anytime, anywhere.

TV Features

Remote Set Up

Program your remote to control your TV's volume, power functions, and more.

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Optimum App

Watch TV from just about anywhere in and out of your home on your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

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Program Guide

We have completely reinvented the program guide to make everything about your Optimum experience better.

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Cable Box Settings

Manage your parental controls, favorite channels and many other cable box settings online.

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DVR Online

Manage your DVR online.

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Power On

Set your TV to turn on to any channel of your choosing.

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Connect your TV to HD to enjoy high definition picture on over 150 free HD channels.

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TAG Games

Play your favorite games FREE.

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Quick Views

See what's on all your favorite channels, all at once, with Channel 600.

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