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Payment Information:

  1. Authorization to convert your Check to an electronic funds transfer: By sending your check to us as payment, you authorize us either to use info from your check to make a one-time electronic funds transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction.
  2. Payment is due by the date indicated on the front of your bill. If you're a TV customer, payments not received within 15 days of the due date may be sent to collections and will be assessed a late fee if not paid within 30 days of that date. Additionally, you'll receive written notice of service interruption for non-payment. If you're not a TV customer, payments not received within 2 days of the due date will be assessed a late fee and sent to collections within 13 days of that date. You'll continue to be charged a fee of $10 on each subsequent past due bill if payment is not received by the due date indicated.
  3. Payments can be made at no charge through our automated phone system by calling Customer Support. Follow the phone prompts to set up an automated payment by check or credit card. Entering your Optimum account number and zip code authorizes an ACH debit entry to your bank account that can only be revoked by speaking with a representative.
  4. If your service is interrupted for non-payment, payment of the past due amount and applicable restoration charges are required before service is restored. Service interruption will affect TV, internet, and phone services. If your service is disconnected for non-payment, full outstanding balance, a re-installation fee up to $79.95, and one month's service in advance will be required before a re-connection is scheduled.
  5. You're responsible for lost, damaged or unreturned equipment and will be charged the full replacement fee for each. For list of current replacement fees, visit optimum.com/pricing Other Services & Charges.
  6. If your bank returns your check unpaid, you'll incur a $20 fee.


Billing Information:

  1. Billing errors must be reported to us within 30 days, in writing, detailing the error and sent to the Customer Support address on your bill. We'll investigate and reply within 10 days. To avoid service interruption, you should pay the undisputed portion of the bill. If you're not satisfied with our reply, you may write to The Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications, Consumer Service Department-Cable TV, 2 MetroTech Center, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201; or call 212-NEW-YORK or 311; or via the internet at www.NYC.GOV/complaint , or write to The NY State Department of Public Service, Three Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12223-1350, or call 1-800-342-3377.
  2. You're billed each month in advance for the next month's services. Service cancellations are effective on the last day of the then-current billing period. For more details, please visit optimum.net/terms. For current residential non-promo rates, visit optimum.net/pricing.  For current business non-promo rates, visit optimum.net/pricing-packages-business.
  3. If any changes are made to your account during the month, partial month charges may apply. Charges for On Demand/Pay Per View (PPV) will appear on the next billing statement following your order.
  4. On Demand/PPV purchases aren't subject to refund or credit. Use parental control features to avoid unwanted purchases.
  5. If your monthly account balance for On Demand/PPV selections exceeds $55 ($175 for customers in good standing after 90 days), we reserve the right to limit additional On Demand/PPV orders.
  6. There is an additional monthly charge for equipment, including cable boxes and remote controls. There is also a monthly fee to access premium or digital programming on additional TV sets in your home.
  7. Your monthly bill includes all government fees. These fees are a percentage of your total monthly cable bill paid to your state and local governments under the terms and agreements with them to provide cable service. In addition, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) collects a small fee from every cable customer to cover the administrative costs related to cable regulation. TV Taxes and Fees includes payments required under Optimum's franchise agreement to support public, educational or government channels.


Service Information:

If you're experiencing an issue with service:
  1. Be sure all of your equipment is plugged in and powered on:
  1. For TV issues:
    1. Check that your TV is on the correct input for your digital cable box by pressing the SOURCE, INPUT or TV/VIDEO button on the remote that came with your TV or the actual TV itself.
    2. Reboot your cable box. Unplug the power cord from the back of the cable box, wait 5 seconds then plug it back in. When you see "turn" and "on" alternating on the front panel, turn it back on. When a channel or time is displayed on the front panel you are ready to watch TV.
  1. For phone/internet issues:
    1. Reboot your modem and router (if you have one). To do this, unplug the power from your modem and battery backup if you have one. Then unplug the power from your router. Wait 5 seconds, then plug the modem back in. It may take a minute to fully restart. If you're using a battery backup, reconnect it to the modem now. Plug the router back in, wait 30 seconds, then check your connection by opening a web browser.
  1. If you are still having a problem, visit optimum.net/support for information.
    If you have a cable-related outage that lasts for more than four consecutive hours, you'll receive full credit on your bill for the time lost provided you contact us within 30 days of the outage.
  1. Parental Control: Your cable box allows you to block one or more channels and On Demand/Pay Per View purchases. For information, visit optimum.net/parentalcontrol or optimum.net.
  1. Closed Captioning: For immediate closed captioning issues, contact us: 1-888-420-0777 (phone), 516-803-1682 (fax) or CCQuestions@alticeusa.com. Mail written closed captioning complaints to: Altice USA, Attn: Vinny Guerrera, Director Executive Customer Relations, 1111 Stewart Avenue, Bethpage, NY 11714.