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Understanding your bill is important. For customers with service in NY, NJ, CT, PA, Hendersonville, NC, and West Jefferson, NC. Take a look below for an explanation of each section.

For customers in all other areas click here.

1Service Information

At the top of the bill, you can find your account number and your billing address (which may be different from service address).

2Your Monthly Statement

Here you'll find a summary of the period covered by this bill, your bill due date and the total amount due. While this bill is for the next month of services, any additional charges incurred or changes you made following the last bill will be captured on this bill as well.

3Auto Pay

If you're enrolled in Auto Pay, you'll find a reminder here. You can enroll in Auto Pay at any time here.

4Account Summary
Find a summary of your billing-related updates, including:
+ Billing period
+ Payment due date
+ Previous statement balance
+ Payments received by the new bill's print date
+ Any past due balance
+ Current charges
+ Total amount due

5Optimum Updates

Check the 'Optimum Updates' section each month for important notices about your account, packages, and pricing.

6Regulatory Information

Relevant regulatory details on your services are included here.

7Optimum Retail Store

The nearest retail store to you is included here if you wish to pay your bill in person.

8Pay By Mail

If you would like to pay your bill by mail, detach the bottom portion of the bill to mail with your payment. Make sure the address on the remit shows through the window on the return envelop. For other way to pay click here.

9Your Account Details

This page provides all the details about your payments, current charges and monthly savings.
a - Expiration dates for select promotions will be called out at the top of your bill. For any add-on promotions, be sure to check the line items in your account details for any scheduled expiration dates.
b - Partial charges and/or credits for services added/removed during your billing period. On your first Optimum bill, you may see a partial charge for the first time you had the services prior to this bill period in addition to your monthly charges for next month. After the first bill, your monthly recurring charges will be what is captured in section c.
c - Detailed information about any monthly services, On Demand and Pay Per View purchases, including promotional pricing. For standard rates, click here.
d - List of the taxes and fees associated with your services. For more details, click here.

10Your Monthly Savings

If you are receiving Monthly Savings from Optimum, those will be summarized here. Within 'Your Account Details,' you can find the details on your savings, credits, and promotion expiration dates.

11Customer Service

Featured here are many ways you can contact us. You can also check our FAQs at any time for quick answers to common questions.

12Billing & Payment

All billing and payment information is covered in the first two sections on the final page of the bill.

13Service Information

Review this section for information about your services, including self-support solutions for any service issues.