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Optimum Internet provides best-in-class home Internet access. Customers that obtain their modem from Optimum are ensured to have the latest modem for their level of service and speed. Technical support is available for customers using an Optimum provided modem.

We encourage all customers to take advantage of the free Gateway, now included with all Optimum plans. This will ensure that you take full advantage of your Internet speed, helping you connect to everything you love faster.

Option to Rent a Modem

It's important to you-and us-that you have the right equipment for your service level and for every situation. Here's what you need to know about modems. As a new Optimum Internet customer, you have the choice of using an Optimum provided modem or buying your own.

If you use an Optimum provided modem, you'll have one that's right for your level of service. In addition, you'll receive 24/7 tech support and an equipment replacement if there's ever a malfunction or need to upgrade the cable modem. To rent a modem from us for as low as $10 per month visit your Optimum store or message us.

Option to Purchase Your Modem

If you choose to purchase your modem, there are many DOCSIS-certified models that are compatible with Optimum Internet, but they don't include tech support, including malfunction or upgrade equipment replacements. Go to shop.surfboard.com/optimum-store to order an Optimum-compatible modem.

Optimum Internet Modem Criteria (no phone service)

Optimum Internet (no phone service) customers who want to use their own modem or Gateway, we encourage you to use a DOCSIS-certified DOCSIS 3.1 modem for all internet speeds.

A DOCSIS 3.0 24-channel or 32-channel modem may be used for speeds ≤500Mbps but you may not achieve the full performance of the service you are subscribing to.

Optimum Phone Certified Modems


Device Model

DOCSIS Version

Voice Lines

Highest Optimum
Speed Tier


Arris TM1602G D3.0 2-line voice For speeds ≤500Mbps Not
Arris TM3402 D3.1 2-line voice All Speeds Not
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