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Suddenlink Business has become Optimum Business and little by little, we've been making big changes to deliver faster speeds, better value, and great service.

We want to officially welcome you to the Optimum Business family and we're excited to have you as a customer. Our goal is to make this transition period as seamless as possible and keep you well informed of the changes while we help you transition to Optimum Business.

Your monthly recurring rates, equipment, and account information have not be changed. See below for more details and information. As always, we are here for you with 24/7 customer support should you have any questions. For all the ways to reach us, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Optimum?

Optimum is a connectivity company. We are one of the largest technology providers in the U.S., delivering Internet, TV, phone, and mobile services to millions of people and small businesses across the country.

What does Optimum Business stand for?

At Optimum Business, we're committed to delivering a fast, secure, and reliable connectivity experience that keeps our customers connected so they can focus on what matters most - their business.

Account Management

Has my account number changed?

No, your account number will remain the same.

Did my username and password change?

For most customers, you can continue to sign in with the same username, now called an Optimum ID, and password as you did with Suddenlink. Click here to sign in.

If, for some reason, we could not transition your username to Optimum, when you try to sign into optimum.net, you will be prompted to update your username and password. Please be sure to update your username as soon as possible. As of August 1, your old username will no longer work.

If you did not have Suddenlink ID, visit optimum.net/IDhelp.

To access My Account, do I still go to suddenlink.net?
No, this website has been retired as of August 1. You will now go to optimum.net and sign in with your Optimum ID and password to manage your account.

Will I still be able to access my old statements after August 1?
Yes, you will be available to view and download up to 12 months at business.optimum.net/myaccount  when signed in with your Optimum ID and password. Need an Optimum ID, or cannot remember yours? Just visit optimum.net/IDhelp.


Are there any changes to my service charges?
Unless you make a change to your service or equipment, your monthly recurring rates will not change.

Are there any changes to my Internet service?
No, your speed will remain the same. However your Internet service name may display differently on your bill.

Is my TV package changing?
Your TV package and included channels will remain the same. However, your package may go by a new name:

Suddenlink Business TV Package Name

New Optimum Business TV Package Name

Local Broadcast/Broadcast Basic

Business Basic TV

Business Choice

Business Choice TV

Business Value/Entertainment Value

Business Value TV/Business Value TV for Bars & Restaurants

Business Preferred/Entertainment Preferred

Business Preferred TV/Business Preferred TV for Bars & Restaurants  

Business Sports Pack/Entertainment Sports Pack

Business Sports Package/Business Sports Package for Bars & Restaurants


Will there be any changes to my business phone service?
All features will remain the same, but starting today you will go to business.optimum.net/phone to check voicemail and manage your calling features. 

Will there be any changes to Safeguard?
All features will remain the same, but it will now be called Service Protection.


Will my bill look the same?
Your new monthly bill is the same as what you are used to, except you will will see the Optimum Business name instead of Suddenlink Business, and the statement will be blue instead of black.

Is my payment due date the same?
Yes, your due date will remain the same.

Will I receive my bill at the same time each month that I do today?
Yes, your bill will arrive around the same time each month that you receive it today.

Payment Management

Do I need to re-enroll in Auto Pay and Paperless Billing?
Unless you want to make a change, your Auto Pay and Paperless Billing settings will not change.