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The more you use Optimum WiFi the less you'll spend on cellular data

Optimum WiFi is built for data consumption, so connecting to an Optimum WiFi hotspot is smart since data used while connected doesn't count against your cellular data plan.

So, you can spend hours sharing photos on Facebook, watching videos, downloading apps and playing games. It's like an unlimited data plan, just for Optimum Online customers.

Average Optimum WiFi user

Average usage:

14.9 GB



Average WiFi usage is calculated by dividing the total data uploaded and downloaded by Optimum Online residential customers on the Optimum WiFi network by the total number of residential Optimum Online customers who used Optimum WiFi. Average WiFi usage is calculated monthly and is based on the previous full month of Optimum WiFi usage.

Value is calculated by multiplying your amount of WiFi usage (in gigabytes) by a $15 per gigabyte fee for data overages from a Verizon Wireless cellular data plan.

How to get the most value from Optimum WiFi

With over 2 million hotspots, it's easier than ever to stay connected. The more you use them, the more you save.

Log in easily

Automatic sign-in allows you to effortlessly connect with out entering your OptimumID or password when in range of a hotspot. Register your device.

WiFi vs. Cellular

Cellular plans can be expensive, restrictive and confusing.  So, save on your 3G/4G plan by making sure you are connected to Optimum WiFi whenever you are out and about.

Find more hotspots

Visit optimum.net/wifi to search hotspots by city, state, zip code, indoor/outdoor location or location type. Find hotspots in the Tri-State area or as far away as Florida and California.

How does your usage translate?

Select a data amount to see how that translates into usage.



hours of HD video streaming, or


music downloads, or


hours of internet browsing