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Whether your business is a private office, has a waiting area, or caters to patron's in a bar or restaurant, Optimum has the perfect TV package to suit your business needs.

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Effective January 1, 2020

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TV Packages

See what's included by clicking on the package name.

Per Month

For Private Offices & Waiting Areas
Optimum Business Preferred $78.95
Optimum Business Value $68.95
Optimum Business Choice $44.95
Optimum Business Total Advantage $94.95 (Grandfathered Only)
Optimum Business Advantage $68.95 (Grandfathered Only)
Broadcast Basic $25.95
For Bars & Restaurants
Optimum Entertainment Preferred $74.95
Optimum Entertainment Value $64.95
Entertainment Broadcast Basic $23.95

*Not available to Optimum Entertainment customers.

Sports Packages

Per Month

Add the below to your TV service:
Optimum Sports Pack
For Business and Entertainment Value Packages
Optimum Sports Pack
For Business and Entertainment Preferred, Advantage, and Total Advantage Packages
Seasonal Sports
NBA League Pass
Call for rates
MLB Extra Innings
Call for rates
MLS Direct Kick
Call for rates
NHL Center Ice
Call for rates
Individual selections for Optimum Entertainment customers only
beIN Sports
Call for rates
beIN Sports en español
Call for rates
Call for rates
FOX Soccer Plus
FOX Deportes

Stingray Music

Per Month

Add the below to your TV service:
Stingray Music $34.95

Add-On Services

Per Outlet, Per Month

DVR Service $12.95

*Not available to Optimum Entertainment customers.


Per Month

Digital Cable Box $11.00
HD Digital Cable Box $11.00
Broadcast Surcharge $9.99**
Sports Surcharge $10.47**
1 to 10 outlets $9.95
11 to 20 outlets additional $9.95
21+ outlets Call for details
Digital CableCARD $2.50 each
Tuning Adapter no charge


One-Time Charge

Standard Connection (up to 150' from main cable line) $99.99
Non-Standard Connection Priced Individually
Additional Outlet (at install) $29.95
Additional Outlet (separate trip) $59.95

**Effective January 1, 2020
Effective January 27, 2020

When it comes to speed, every business needs choices. That's why Optimum offers you a range of internet speeds to suit your business needs.

Internet Packages

Per Month

Business Optimum 500

with Optimum Online and Secure Internet

Business Optimum 300

with Optimum Online and Secure Internet

Business Optimum 200

with Optimum Online and Secure Internet

Secure Internet

Optimum Online

Rate for customers who subscribe to only Optimum Online

Optimum Online

Rate for customers who subscribe to Optimum Online & Optimum Voice and/or Optimum Online & Optimum TV


* Rate for customers also subscribed to either Broadcast Basic TV and/or Optimum Voice
** Rate for customers who subscribe to only Optimum Online.

Optimum Business Smart WiFi

Per Month

Optimum Business Smart WiFi Standard Package
Includes one Access Point & One Switch
Optimum Business Smart WiFi Additional Access Point (up to 3) $39.99
Optimum Business Smart WiFi Filtering $10

Smart WFi Installation

One-Time Charge

Optimum Business SMART WiFi Standard Package Install $59.99
Additional Access Points $59.99 per AP

Optimum Online Static IP

Per Month

1 IP $20.00
5 IPs $30.00
13 IPs $55.00
29 IPs (Only available with Business Optimum 100, 250 & 350) $75.00


Per Month

Modem Fee $11.99*
Smart Router No Additional Cost


Per Month

Network Enhancement Fee $3.50*

Connection Charges

One-Time Charge

Installation, Upgrade, Relocate, Collection Charge $99.99 , $149.99, or $219.99 (depending on bundled services)
Additional Outlet (at time of primary installation) $29.95 per outlet
Additional Outlet (separate trip charge) $59.95
Cost of outlets (on separate trip) $29.95 each
Relocation of internal or external outlet $59.95
Additional Phone Jack (at time of primary installation) $75.00 each
Phone Jack Truck Roll (separate trip charge, jack charge add'l) $125.00
Costs of jacks (on separate trip) $75.00 each
*Effective 1/27/20

Get the reliable phone service your business needs with unlimited calling to the U.S. Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands, plus over 20 advanced calling features for one flat monthly rate.

Phone Packages

Per Month

Optimum Voice (1-3 lines)
4-24 lines
$34.95 (each line)
$29.95 (each line)
Business Hosted Voice Business Seat
$34.95 (includes 1 seat)
$34.95 (each additional seat)
Business Hosted Voice Basic Seat
$24.95 (includes 1 seat)
$24.95 (each additional seat)

Optimum Business Trunking & PRI

Call Sessions (Minimum 4 sessions, up to 24* sessions) each session $29.95
1st block of 10 DIDs included. Additional DIDs (up to 100 DIDs) each set of 10 $1.95
Business Trunking Installation $182.95

*Up to 23 for PRI.

Other Services

Per Month

Optimum Voice Toll-Free $9.95 (each 250 minutes)
Toll-Free 411 Directory Assistance and Local White Page Directory listing $4.00 per number
411 Directory Assistance and Directory Listing Included
Virtual Receptionist $14.95
International Calling $2.95 per mo. plus per minute rates


One-Time Charge

Battery Backup Included
Transfer Current Phone Number Included
Professional Installation 1-4 Optimum Voice lines $46.95
Professional Installation 5-8 Optimum Voice lines $99.95
Professional Installation 9-12 Optimum Voice lines $169.95

Equipment (new/lost/damaged/stolen/unreturned)

Replacement Cable Box $105.00
Replacement Digital Remote Control $2.50
Replacement Smart Card $75.00
Replacement CableCARD $40.00
Replacement Cable Modem $100.00
Replacement Voice-enabled 4 Port Modem $100.00
Replacement Voice-enabled 12 Port Modem $750.00
Replacement SIP Trunk Adapter $750.00
Replacement DVR $265.00
Replacement Tuning Adapter $140.00
Replacement Smart Router $80.00

Change of Service Fees

Service Call/Change of Service $59.95
Hourly Service Charge $59.95
Restore Service Fee $10 for 1 or 2 products
$15 for 3 products
Disconnect (No charge unless equipment pickup is requested) No charge

Other Charges

Returned Check Fee $20.00
Late Payment Fee $10.00
Payment Processing Fee (Customer Support assistance with your payment) $10.00


See important customer information


Optimum TV

Optimum Business Value and Business Preferred are available for non-public viewing. Public viewing requires the Optimum Entertainment Value or Entertainment Preferred package. Broadcast Basic includes one cable box. A digital cable box or CableCARD (at additional monthly charge) is required on each TV for standard digital and HD services. QAM tuners can receive digital Broadcast Basic channels in certain areas and will receive some services on non-standard channel positions. Certain interactive services not available without a digital cable box. The cable box and remote control are the property of Optimum and must be returned in good working order. Lost, stolen, unreturned or damaged equipment is subject to a non-return fee. Channel availability varies by area. One-time installation fee may apply to standard aerial installation on up to 3 TV sets in wired, serviceable areas. Quoted price includes 1 cable box. Depending on location, some or all services and equipment rates, plus certain add'l charges, may be subject to state and local fees of 0-5.30%, an FCC user fee of 8¢, and PEG fees of $0.47-$1.35. A Sports TV surcharge of $10.47 and a Broadcast TV surcharge of $9.99 also applies and will be added to your bill. In addition, CT requires collection of taxes on certain services. # of channels, HD channels and interactive features depend on pkg type and location. HDTV set owners can request an HD cable box and receive the HD programming included in pkg at no add'l charge. Some On Demand titles avail at an add'l charge. Pricing, terms and offerings subject to change and discontinuance without notice. For system requirements or limitations, offer details, restrictions, terms and conditions, see optimumbusiness.com.

Optimum Online

Minimum system requirements and equipment configurations apply. Installation fee applies. Many factors affect speed, and actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Optimum Online Static IP is available to new or existing Business Optimum 60 customers or above at an additional monthly charge. Upgrade to Business Optimum 100, and add 29 usable addresses for an additional monthly charge. Monthly cable modem rental required unless subscriber elects to purchase. Smart router requires subscription to Optimum internet. Limit one router per account. Terms and conditions apply.

Optimum Voice

Optimum Voice is a cable-modem service, exclusively available for business customers with Optimum internet services. Wiring fees may apply. Sales tax, an E-911 fee and the Federal Universal Service Fund fee (USF) may apply. In NY, certain excise taxes may also apply. All fees and taxes will be added to bill. Battery backup included. E-911 will not operate if you lose power or if your Optimum Voice service or broadband connection is interrupted or disconnected. Customer is solely responsible to notify system provider and to test and verify that systems are in good working order following Optimum Voice installation. If moving, new address must be provided before E-911 can function properly. Other restrictions may apply. Minimum of 4 sessions required. Includes first 10 DIDs, $1.95 additional for each set of up to 10 DIDs, up to 9 sets. Optimum Voice is required to add Virtual Receptionist at an additional cost. Up to 2 Virtual Receptionists per Optimum Voice account. Virtual Receptionist can be canceled at any time by logging in to your account. International calling requires Subscriber activation via the Optimum Business Account Center. A monthly international plan charge applies in addition to per minute charges for calls made from the Subscriber's business or via the Optimum Voice International Calling remote access feature to destinations outside of the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and the Virgin Islands. When using the remote access feature to make international calls at per minute rates, additional third party charges may also apply (i.e., pay phone charges, cellular charges, or hotel phone system charges, etc.). International Calling charges are billed to Subscriber's monthly billing statement. Optimum Voice Toll Free Service available to Optimum Voice for Business customers only. Monthly rate of $9.95 includes up to 250 minutes per monthly billing cycle of inbound toll free calls from the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. Customers exceeding 250 toll free minutes in a given monthly billing cycle will automatically be charged an additional $9.95 for each additional block of 250 minutes for use that billing cycle month. Does not support calls originating from pay phones or customized or complex routing of toll free calls. Toll free directory listings not available. Other terms and conditions apply.