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New Optimum Email!

Enjoy the advanced speed, stability and security of your new easy-to-use webmail from Optimum.

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  • Easy to use on all your devices with tutorials for Email, Calendar and other features
  • Secure and reliable with improved online protection to keep your private information safe
  • Fast and efficient with quick loading times
  • Fun and relevant with a personalized dashboard with your emails, appointments, local weather and news

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Advanced speed, stability and security

Optimum Email has undergone some impressive changes under the hood as well. Not only is it quicker and easier to use, it also helps keep you safe.

New security measures protect your data from cybercrime with state-of-the-art encryption and firewalls. That means you have another line of defence against spam, malware and people with bad intentions.

Advanced speed, stability and security

Send better messages with helpful email tools

Quick Reply

Want to send a short response to an email? Quick reply is a convenient shortcut that allows you to send a message in just seconds. Just click "Quick reply" and a nifty little text box will appear!

Drag & Drop

The new Optimum Email is drag & drop enabled to make using it even easier. Want to add attachments to an email? Just drag and drop them into your email. Want to move emails between folders? Drag and drop again. Enjoy the comfort and the easy usability of your new Optimum Email.

Attachment Preview

Attachment preview displays thumbnails of photos and files you've attached making it quick and easy to check you've attached the right ones to your email. Double clicking on attachments will open a full-sized preview where you can read documents and even present pdf documents or presentations.

Halo View

A single-click summary of all the information you have for a contact. Address book details, emails sent and received, joint appointments – all this summarized in a single pop-up window that appears when you click on an email address or name on 'My dashboard', in 'Calendar' or 'Mail'.