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Get the best Optimum HD viewing experience.

HD Box on your HD TV

In order to get an HD picture on your HD TV you need to have an HD cable box. To determine if you do, simply check the model number of your cable box. On Scientific Atlanta cable boxes, the model number is located on the front of the cable box. If the model number includes an "HD," then you have an HD cable box. All Samsung cable boxes are HD. Check the Optimum Answer Center to make sure your HD cable box is hooked up.

Click on the TV screen below that looks closest to the issue you are having with your Optimum service. You can also view a tutorial on how to optimize your HD viewing experience, in the TV section on the Tutorials page.

Note: If you have an SD TV with an HD Samsung cable box, simply hit the settings button on your Optimum remote twice, select HD Settings, then select Display Resolution, and then select 480p (best SD) for the optimal picture quality on your SD TV. If you have an SD TV with an HD Scientific Atlanta Cable box, we recommend you bring your cable box to one of our Optimum stores to exchange it for an SD cable box.