About Voicemail

You can view and listen to your voicemails from within Optimum Online e-mail. Simply click on the Voicemail tab in the Header at the top right of the page to access your messages.

You will need to activate your voicemail if you have not already done so. To activate your voicemail, dial *86 form your Optimum Voice phone line and follow the simple instructions.

Voicemail panel

The voicemail screen consists of single panel which provides:

The message list

The message list is a scrolling list which displays summary information about your voicemail including:

Heard and unheard messages

Unheard messages appear in the Message List in bold text. Once heard, they are no longer bold.

The voicemail player

Voicemail Player

The voicemail player is located at the bottom left of the Voicemail panel. The currently selected voicemail from the message list can be played. Controls are provided for:

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Managing your voicemail

Managing Voicemail

The toolbar shown above is provided on your voicemail message list and is used to perform standard operations on your voicemails. The green box to the right of the toolbar provides you with an indication of the percentage used of your allotted voicemail storage space. Operations which you can perform from the toolbar include:

Right-click menu

Many common actions are accessible via the right-mouse button. These function as described above and include:

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Voicemail preferences

You can set your voicemail preferences by clicking on Preferences in the Header at the top of the page or by selecting Preferences from the right click menu of the Voicemail page.

General voicemail preferences include:

Account settings